BBC3 TV “Free Speech” on Male Infant circumcision

2014 UK BBC3 TV debate in which much ignorance and bias is displayed about MGM. In particular the stressing of how terrible FGM is because it is intended to control female sexuality. Most of the panel and audience seem to be unaware that the same reason is used to justify ritual MGM of boys.

As a UK taxpayer I’m disappointed that the ignorance displayed by the sexist female MP (Politician), Anna Soubry, she indicates she has not even read about the topic of MGM – my taxes go towards her generous salary… She came in to the debate with her mind set – MGM if recognised would trivialise FGM – which is a wrong attitude.

Moses Maimonides, Jewish Teacher, Philosopher and MD 1135AD Explicit description of how MGM (circumcision) is intended to control male sexuality.

Dr Kellogg and Mutilation (Circumcision) of Boys and Girls Quote from Dr Kellogg (1888) who typifies the school of medical thought prevalent in Victorian times that masturbation was evil and caused mental illnesss – he recommends a painful circumcision for boys and a drop of carbolic acid on the clitoris for girls… At least he wasn’t sexist on this issue!

Note the young black lady who points out that many FGM victims think that MGM should not happen either.

Pay attention to the flustered MP’s response and her sexist remarks. Note the Facebook responses at the end – all MGM males who do complain!

Intactivist Speaks Out.

Full Video

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