Daily Mail: Six eye-watering reasons why you should NEVER allow your son to be circumcised

He’s right – all you need is an adult intact dick to work out that cutting bits off it is a no-brainer!

To put it bluntly you don’t miss what you never had. Cut men who were cut prior to sexual maturity and activity cannot give a credible comparison considering circumcision – neither can an intact man.  It is very telling to hear from men who have the procedure done in later life – they say significant sensitivity is lost and the bit that is normally covered by the foreskin develops a hardened skin. A man circumcised at 18 years of age reflects on the impact of the procedure

“The first circumcision is thought to have happened in Egypt centuries ago and, since then, has been performed for religious reasons across the Middle East – but it only became popular in the West during the nineteenth century when Victorian kill-joys wanted to discourage people from masturbating.

Not to put you off your breakfast, but one of the biggest advocates was Michigan physician Dr John Harvey Kellogg – yep, the man behind your corn flakes.  A medical practitioner and businessman, he also doubled as a sex prude.”

Click for full Article: Daily Mail 2/3/2016 : Six eye-watering reasons why you should NEVER allow your son to be circumcised

MGM and FGM are more primitive than and pre date both Islam and Judaism by millennia. Basically the MGM Jews copied the Egyptian super power of the time – Moses is an Egyptian name – the MGM Muslims copied the Jews.  MGM and FGM were  certainly done before Mohammed came along – he couldn’t stop it – so he sought to limit it. It is thought that cutting was brought to Egypt from Sub-Saharan Africa. In a bizzare way FGM could be seen as a primitive form of gender equality! Sub Saharan Africa and Egypt are still places where cutting of both sexes occur…

Circumstitions Ritual Myths 1 The Dogon – Cutting Bisexuality, Physical Ambiguity, Rite of Passage, Sub Saharan Africa, Ancient Egypt

Blood sacrifices for gods taken from children forcibly are not part of UK society.

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