Guardian: There’s no such thing as ‘mild’ FGM. It’s still child abuse

Across the western world FGM legislation has proven to be ineffective.

A growing number of Doctors are suggesting legitimising some form of FGM – so at least it is done in a hygienic manner with medical back up. Pretty much what has happened with MGM. In my view any form of ritual abuse is still just that.

Religion justified slavery. Religion justified misogyny. Religion justified homophobia. In Western societies we have done our best to address these issues by secular law – in spite of religious objections. All these issues affect adults mainly.

I think it shocking that secular people are afraid to object to ritual child abuse… often they are afraid of being called “anti-Muslim” or “anti – Semitic”… underlying this is an attitude of “if these people want to cut their kids – why should I care – we don’t do it … why should I be cast as politically incorrect about their kids… I care more what the people around me think of me …”

“As a senior midwife with more than 15 years’ experience working with women affected by FGM, currently at the FGM centre run by Barnardo’s with the Local Government Association, I’ve seen first-hand the impact this form of abuse can have on women and girls. Most people immediately think of the physical consequences of FGM, but a large part of the damage that is done to the 200 million-plus women and girls affected across the world is hidden and many of those who have undergone FGM suffer a range of emotional and psychological problems. These women and girls have undergone severe trauma. They often feel like they have been betrayed by the ones closest to them; this feeling of betrayal and mistrust shouldn’t be taken lightly.”

One thinks boys must go through these “emotional and psychological problems” too …

Full Article: There’s no such thing as ‘mild’ FGM. It’s still child abuse Celia Jeffreys



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