Guardian: Circumcision: the cruellest cut?

This is a rather ill informed and pro MGM article from the Grauniad …

No mention of MGM as a masturbation prevention strategy …

However, this article raises the important issue of … what if the child cut at the behest of his parents on the grounds of “religious freedom” grows up and rejects his parents’ religion? How can MGM be justified?

Click for full text: Circumcision: the cruellest cut?

While the American Academy of Paediatrics (APP) has concluded that the health benefits of circumcision outweigh the risks and the procedure is a matter of parental choice, outraged opponents call it male genital mutilation, or child abuse. Many parts of Europe concur. A court in Cologne this summer ruled that circumcision contravened the rights of a child to decide later in life on his religious beliefs. A German doctor has now filed charges against a rabbi for performing circumcisions on two infant boys, causing outrage in Jewish and Muslim communities and a delicate debate about intolerance, religious freedom and children’s rights in Germany.


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