Israeli TV broadcasts Circumcision Confrontation

Maimonides was a very Important Rabbi – Jewish Religious Teacher – in fact to call him a Rabbi is understating his importance in Jewish thought and Philosophy. So his commentary on this practise is authorative…  He also felt it was done at eight days so the boy won’t object and the Mother’s bond is not strong … (as well as her still recovering from birth)
Published on Dec 24, 2013

“Two days before the planned circumcision, my wife and I had no hesitation about circumcising our son… I went online and looked for recommendations about the doctor/mohel we choose, and then I stumbled upon information against circumcision. What triggered my disgust was a quote from Maimonides, who says that the main purpose, the main target of circumcision, is inflicting damage on the penis, to diminish the sexual pleasure of the man, which was immediately a shock for me. It horrified me because the same motivation is behind female genital mutilation.” ~Eran Sadeh




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