I’m a victim of Brit Milah – the Government should have protected me!

Brit Milah is the Anglicised Hebrew name of the ritual circumcision rite performed on most Jewish boys at 8 days old. Many Jewish men are now questioning this mutilation inflicted on babies. Some are understandably very angry as they have chosen to not practise their parents’ faith.

Contrary to popular belief you don’t have to be circumcised to be either a Muslim or a Jew. (How would the women be accepted?) Joshua did not get the cut until adulthood, Moses was not cut. No-one doubts these guys Jewish credentials.

Abraham was an old git when he got cut – his slaves were cut too – this cutting did not make the servants Jews – so if you have been told that cutting is the defining feature of male Jewishness – you’ve been misinformed.

Genital cutting was a Middle East thing before the Bible/Torah/Koran stories were written down.

To sign this petition is neither anti – Muslim or anti – Semitic … Quite the opposite it is protecting British children of all faiths and none .





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