It’s time for a proper debate on circumcision

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“Please tick Yes or No in answer to each of the following questions:


  • 1) Does this procedure involve primitive surgery on the genitals of infants?
  • 2) Is it inflicted on babies who cannot, per se, have any voice in determining what is being done to their bodies?
  • 3) Is this procedure traditionally inflicted as a tribal marking?
  • 4) Is it justified by its practitioners on specious, bogus grounds of hygiene?
  • 5) Is this procedure customarily conducted by people with no medical qualification?
  • 6) Is it frequently inflicted without anaesthetic?
  • 7) Does it cause injuries that sometimes lead to infections and/or require hospital care?
  • 8) Can it result in death from loss of blood?
  • 9) Ought this procedure to be condemned throughout the world by all conscientious, caring peoples and countries?”



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